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Darren McLure - Zonal Sounds [63_058]

Published October 21, 2005

New artist Darren McClure is recently living in Japan. This is maybe one of his inspiration for the minimal microsounds he makes. He came to 2063music by writing a very, very nice letter (thanks again, Darren!) including his demo CD. Darren just knew exactly what he did, the sounds he sent were one hundert percent 2063music style in a pretty high quality. So it was no wonder that I agreed in releaseing this excellent EP.

Darrens music unveils itself in natural logic, but the sounds he uses are very artificial. You can listen to this very closely. The standart themes are missing and it is very pure. If you love the sounds from Phoenelai, you will also love this EP. Listening highlight: Overcast.

Run time 23 Minutes


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